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Damn Damballa name bugs me

Software security and consulting naming and brandingWhen I run naming projects, I always like to be fully aware of the company or founders’ personality traits. They usually don’t know this of course, but it shows up in the names they select. Now if you are going to be the company that figuratively (and sometimes literally) puts up a dam wall to keep out malware invasions on the corporate internet, then being the gatekeeper bad guy and naming your company Damballa might be appropriate. For the rest of this, such a name must surely be a heavy burden to bear at work unless you are a he-man, tough commando type guy.

But it sure isn’t my personality, regardless of what field I am currently working in. It just has such a negative feel for me…. at best a military sounding name.   And to be picky as a linguist, do you see that it also reads   damb alla     (where damb rhymes with lamb)? Oh no.

On the other hand, the company seems to be doing very well and one of only two leaders in this field. So a great example of the naming doesn’t always matter. After all, it is just short hand for the brand promise and at the end of the day, customers think of the experience they were implicitly promised and simply use the name to describe that interaction.

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Crazy Casino Names

ChuckchansiLogoWill you go gamble in a local Indian casino if you can’t pronounce the name over the entrance? Of course you will.

In fact a real Indian name might even might add a nice touch of aura or mystique. Where do you feel you will be more lucky or have more fun – in the Table Mountain Casino or Chukchansi? I am still trying to believe that there really is an Indian tribal name Chuckchansi, the locals fondly nickname it Chuck and Nancy’s as they put another 10 coins in the slot machine.

GratonCasinoLogoSo I am forced to conclude the big new casino in Northern California will succeed despite its awkward name that grates on my nerves. I wonder what it’s nickname will be.

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Isn’t Nome an interesting name?

NomegoldpanAs I write this column the Iditarod is in full running – in fact the first mushers just passed the halfway point. I love their tagline “The Last Great Race” as well. When it is just human, dogs and sleds in Alaska in Winter, then it really is a great race, especially as most teams will take over 11 days to complete their run, and few will have all 16 dogs left by then.

The race goes from Anchorage to Nome, which brings us to the name Nome. First of all, easy to pronounce once you see it, and nothing to do with gnome if you don’t. And almost every article I see on the town devotes a sentence or two to where the name came from. Most people now agree it was an accident. Someone wrote ?Name on a form in the space for town name. Someone else misinterpreted this as Nome and the rest is history.

Except that for a while during their gold rush it was called Anvil City, but there was some confusion with Anvil Lake not far away. So the post office rejected the name and they switched back to Nome to make sure they got their mail.

But don’t try to look it up on Google Maps and see how to drive there. First time I have seen Google’s phenomenal map service choke – there are no roads to Nome. You have to fly in, boat in or visit by sled dog or snow machine of some sort. Do look it up and see the Iditarod trail as all teams have GPS transmissions this year so we don’t have to wait three days for the news.

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Has Las Vegas run out of names?

Our rotten name of the week goes to THEhotel in Las Vegas. What happened? Did they run out of names or just think it would be cute? Sure the main hotel is called Mandalay Bay which conjures up all sorts of pleasant images, not to mention a unique, brandable trademark. And their other associated hotel is the Four Seasons (probably part of the other Four Seasons around the world.. or else also a boring old name).

But I don’t want to deal with the confusion of booking a hotel, or taking a taxi, or telling my friends I am staying in THEhotel and then having to explain it is not a hotel, but THEhotel. Ouch all the way.  Why not the Mandalay Peninsula, as one simple example, that deftly helps spread the brand warmth?

And this blog has a picture with it just so you know I am not kidding! I sure pity the marketing folks and interior designers. How do you not make it feel live every other generic hotel anyone ever stayed in – that are all an ugly forgettable blur today.

Talking of long names: Silicon Valley Code Camp returns

Sometimes a function just gets the right name from the outset. Such is the magic of Silicon Valley Code Camp. Nowhere else would a code camp be so appropriate. After all, where else would so many propeller head geeks (as I call them because I was one) get together for a whole weekend and take over a whole junior college just to share information about the latest and greatest in software? Not a corporate function. Just some keen volunteers who now have some big corporate sponsors so even the pizza and sandwiches are free.

Peter Kellner and his team do a great job of this and close to 2000 attendees are expected this year to partake in the 150 or so sessions. All the news is just spread by blogs and word of mouth.

Since I was Peter’s tech support friend over 25 years ago, I was one of the first marketing guys ever to present at the camp. This year I will have two sessions: From Code to Product to Market to Company where I help software types understand what it takes to transform some code into a business, and Pragmatic Naming for Product Managers where we help teach the basics of naming in a very crowded trademark category.

Please join us or follow along online.

Yosemite – beautiful name for a beautiful park

Recent moon rainbow over lower Yosemite Falls. Full image at Sensory Escapes.

Over 4 million people a year have the special privilege of visiting Yosemite National Park, one of the great natural wonders of the world. When people ask about the name, they are usually given a quick “it’s an Indian tribe” or “it’s an Indian word” answer. But isn’t it interesting how we accept native american words into our vocabulary, even though they are not built on classical European structures, syllables or phonemes?

Because of the way all the falls in the park are running this year.. with sudden high temperatures melting the almost record snow pack, I have seen many national and local stories about the park. But I hear no one making the mistakes we made as kids when we called it Yo se mite. Only when a college colleague returned from a trip there did we learn it was Yo Sem atee. (OK I went to college on the other side of the globe!).

But who owns the name and trademark? Can anyone name anything Yosemite? As it turns out, lots of people. As of today there are 119 entries in the US Fed TM register that include the name Yosemite in their trademark filing, not the least of which is the Yosemite Conservancy which suddenly has a bunch of filings. Other trademarks are held by some of the concessions. And some seem to be unrelated:  Bedding? Cigarettes? Lager? Telescopes?

Oh well.. almost a shame the National Parks Board did not establish early on who could or could not use the name. But then, a hundreds of years ago, they were pulling off miracles just to get the park lands preserved, for which we should all feel grateful today.

From no one to Duchess of Cambridge

I am not sure where the Queen of England gets her list of potential titles to bestow, other than I am sure there is someone buried in the Royal household who tracks and thrives on these items, but I do know she tried to give her own son Prince Edward the title of Duke of Cambridge years ago.

Proving that there is some real behind the scenes negotiating going on, he became the Earl of Wessex instead, even though he actually is the only one who actually went to Cambridge. On the death of his father, he will, however, take over the title of Duke of Edinburgh.

So the Queen has name restrictions to deal with, just like the rest of us. She even went to Cambridge three days before the wedding and the name announcement. Maybe secretly breaking the news and preparing them for the subsequent publicity. Or, alternatively, asking them to accept the hullabaloo that comes with the name, especially for a future King – who appears to not previously have had any known attachment to the area. And Catherine’s family live the other side of London, much closer to Oxford in fact!

The British Royal Family are the ultimate zenith in personal people branding – and major ambassadors for the British Tourist Trade. If you are American, don’t criticize them. After all, we have a Disney parade on each coast with lots of pomp and ceremony and costumes every evening to help suck the tourists in too.

Why not add a little sun when you have a great excuse to do so?

In this little image for Rio Grande, they have captured not only their name and registered trademark, but their tagline, plus a new eco practices statement. I first got involved with this company and name a few years back when writing about geographic branding and saw how they had successfully named themselves after a river. A river that flows big.. so a very appropriate name style for a distributor that provides product flow. Just like flows with books and DVD’s  and other stuff too.

But jewelry Powered By The Sun? I was slow to pick up on this one. They are saying they have gone completely solar. Doesn’t really affect why I should or should not by jewelry components and tools from them, but it does make a lot of people feel good dealing with them I should imagine. And a lot cooler marketing wise than just putting something in a press release or annual report saying you are becoming a green company.

As predicted, Aulani shows the Hawaiian names are coming.

A reporter once scoffed at me when I said we would see more Hawaiian names abound because of the shortage of English words that can be owned and trademarked. She thought Akamai was a big exception. Of course, they have since grown to be a major internet infrastructure player.

Now Disney is launching its Aulani Resort in Hawaii.  Being in Hawaii, it is much more natural to use such a name… but it is a rare word that has them explaining its meaning and pronunciation. And, of course, with their money and marketing mojo they can brand anything, you might argue. Still, it takes courage to really bring a new word to life. The baby naming books say it is female for a god’s messenger. After the Disney spin is added, it supposedly means “the place that speaks for the great ones”.  And no, it does not rhyme with aura. Like in Wow or Maui, it is a loud Au.

Sign up now for your timeshare at It will be ready for you and Mickey to don your flowery shirts next year.