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Droid is straining under the weight of all the names

As I write this posting I am wondering if Google hasn’t hired too many people from Latin America or Spain. You know, the countries where everyone has five or six personal names. Droid is a great sounding name, clearly coined from Android and immediately pegging it as an Android device. Razr is a now classic name from Motorola that set new trends in naming with its abbreviated SMS format short spelling.

Once upon a time Motorola was coined from Motor Car and Vitrola, back when they made car radios. Of course, since then it has become an international electronics mega brand in radios, phones, chips and other communications devices. But why when this new division of Google brings out a product do they have to burden it with 3 great names? What will the consumer use as short hand to express their love for the device (assuming they do)?

To me it seems like someone forgot the end-user in this branding exercise. They are so busy positioning this phone family separately from the Google HTC device, they forgot the common man in the street doesn’t care – in fact probably doesn’t even know that Google is behind them all. On top of that this is the HD – version I assume. Does it have a Hard Disk, High Def, Hand Device or HeaD phones?

I might even ask cynically, since the parent master brand is Google, how come it is the one name missing? Poor product engineers.. what a marketing hurdle to overcome for what might be a very good product.


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