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In the right context, TED is a great name.

Years ago I wrote about the stupidity of United Airlines launching their low-cost airline subsidiary with the dumb name of Ted. There sure wasn’t anything friendly or cute about the name or logo usage… and, in fact, the whole endeavor was soon grounded.

Today, however, a great series of conferences that star eminent speakers and experts in their respective fields, has sprung up and it too is called TED. This stands for Technology, Education and Design…. which is rather long and boring. And while I usually shy away from initials as they are so hard to brand and own, the TED conferences have imbued their’s with a great brand personality – which in turn has led to a big following that helps spread the brand.

And as usually happens with great names, people no longer stop and think about what the name means in a literal language sense. They just tell their friends to go to TED or to watch one of the many speeches from eminent speakers on a wide range of subjects. They will surely inspire and motivate you, or at least move you and entertain you. They have revived the lost art of great public speaking – in most cases with out props or slides.


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