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Indians in the Hen House?

Recently I have had cause to be around people who love talking about having their on chickens. And, coincidentally, in business I have had some dealings related to Indian artifacts. So it is probably no surprise that this little logo at the bottom of a very technical cloud computing website should catch my eye.

To me this little incident illustrates three key points about naming  products:

1- Some people are very visual and will never relate to a name until they see it with full graphics treatment.

2- Some ideas or words that portray an invisible entity (like a software incubator) can have their idea and concept greatly enforced with some related analogous little graphics.

3- Product names can have logos too (even slogans or taglines). Really helps cut through the noise.

As a professional namer, writer and linguist who cannot draw or design hardly anything, I wish it wasn’t the case. But here today I confess that some names only catch on when they are “seen in lights”.

And so I commend the Apache Software Foundation for this little branding example. Makes you wonder if little chicks might hatch in a future release before the FireFox gets them.


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