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Naming Mergers

I have often passed cynical comments on what the new company will be named when two entities merge. Of course, in real life, all the execs are often so tied up in the merger details that the name and brand equity talks get short shift. Then the new marketing team is left to deal with some awkward long name… which is abbreviated (sigh..there goes the equity) in short order.

But when two hot young San Francisco Bay Area database companies  MemBase and CouchOne got together, the new name was simple and elegant: Couchbase. This might give a new meaning to the term “couch surfing”.

A lot of Silicon Valley engineers have their head in the cloud especially as they head into Code Camp this weekend. But these people have their feet up on the couch instead, I assume. Regardless, they are bringing brains to work on massive and fast new database technologies – orders of magnitude faster and bigger than the old Oracle legacies.

PS Do stop by and hear the few marketing and naming panels at Code Camp too… I am hoping to meet with all of you.


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