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Nicira is a nice name & properly used.

Since VMware is in the process of buying them, I thought it appropriate to quickly give Nicira a name award before the name disappears. I don’t know this company well, as I try to be less technical every day. Nor do I know what the name means. But isn’t it nice to find a new unique name that you can pronounce and when you search Bing for it, only that company comes up and not a big spew of unrelated garbage.
I have a feeling they made up Nicira from their founders names or initials somehow, but I could be way off base here. Doesn’t matter. More importantly, when you read their news and press releases, they are very diligent in always saying “Nicira, the network virtualization company, ….” So they directly positioned themselves every time with this tagline and claimed implicit industry leadership. Plus they help your recall of the name. You have a mental hook and association… to separate it from all those other techy names floating around your brain clouds.

Their investors must be very happy now they have been sold for $1.2 billion or so. Not a bad return on $50 mill or so and some very bright engineers. Hopefully VMWare can find a way to keep the name in use now that it has such industry traction.


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