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No awards for Comenity name.

Wow… this sounds like some naming project that got lost in committee. I have a card with them and still can’t remember the name or pronounce it right or spell it…   what will the less educated people do who were not exactly struggling with the older names of Word Financial Network or World Financial Capital Bank?

At least they didn’t follow HSBC and become meaningless initials.

Oh well, with their millions of customers and dollars they can teach us all to say Co Menity… not Co munity and not Come Nity  and not ComeNYCity and not ………..Communist Unity… etc.

But why make life so hard?  There are so many more cool strong names still available, but instead forever more Comenity marketing and execs have to explain this name without throwing up. Definitely no award for these guys… other than a big bomb.

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