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Odwalla is a juice, and Ooyala is ??

Over the past weekend I happened to notice all the signs on a building in Mountain View, California, and there it was jumping out at me: Ooyala. Days later I still can’t remember, despite the fact I have looked this one up before. Each time I do so I wonder if it was ex Google people drinking too much Odwalla who came up with the name.

Even now the name still looks like it is from some rare aboriginal language. We sure don’t see that construct in Western languages. Of course, I may be in the minority here, and sometimes strange names become big successes, in part because of their uniqueness. And they do solve your domain and trademark issues rather well. But what the heck does it mean and where is the customer connection or recall hook?

But when so many lay people are walking around talking about YouTube and already know Hulu and Redux, it must be fun making sales calls and saying “Hi, I am calling from Ooyala.”  Almost like you stubbed your toe just before you got the company name out. At least they won’t think you are insulting them like when you call from competitor UZood.

PS For a company trying to offer top class video and positioning themselves as a leader in media, it is strange to see all the font problems on Ooyala’s site.


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