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Professional names can be fun too.

At this holiday time of the year, most people are not thinking about names, unless they are focused on where the name and character of Santa Claus originates. Compared with the long histories of the major religions of the world, he is a fairly recent addition. In fact, it is from the Dutch Sinter Klaus – my uncle Claus. Now, because of one Dutchman, we are all forced into an annual shopping frenzy.

So my wet, dreary, slow day was cheered up when I read about a top analytics firm that focuses mostly on China, and operates under the name Muddy Waters Research. Finally someone calls a spade a spade!

To quote their own site: “The Chinese have an old proverb, “浑水摸鱼” (muddy waters make it easy to catch fish). In other words, opacity creates opportunities to make money. This way of thinking has been part of Chinese culture for centuries, and it is institutionalized in the modern PRC.”

But I didn’t even need a quote to get the message. So much financial research is dealing with smoke and mirrors it is a wonder more people don’t work with this team to  peer through the murkiness.

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