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Yoga is a great name for Lenovo’s limber laptop.

Great name for a laptop computerLenovo has not done much new and different in the way of branding and promotion since their now long ago separation from IBM. This may have been intentional. Certainly the IBM cachet brand equity is a big base to springboard off.. and keeping it implicitly around may not have been a bad strategy (or accident).

However, the minute I saw the new ads for their Yoga multipurpose laptop/touchpad I knew they had nailed a great new name. You can tell this whenever you sense the ad and pr marketing people (even outside agencies) are having fun with the name. Such natural enthusiasm spills over into their creative work and consumers naturally sense it too – often making them natural participants or message carriers too. Just like me in this case.

Some of the engineers at Lenovo must have been having heartburn over the choice of such a consumer name, but luckily marketing prevailed. A cross over name that hits all the right notes is usually magic. And when they are trying to show how flexible, limber and stretchable a product is, what better name than Yoga could they possibly have come up with?

Now that I see the written materials, I see the full name is Ideapad Yoga. Booo is all I can say. Be brave, call it the Yoga like in the ads. Sure you have had the ThinkPad for so long the name is rusty.. and yes that was long before Apple had an iPad… but are you really a bunch of sheep? Aren’t you big enough to not have to follow Apple along?

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